keep-calm-were-back-online-we-missed-you-2Hello again!  Linux in the Ham Shack is back online after a three-month absence. Thank you all for sticking out our downtime with us. We’ve retooled the show a little bit, added some segments, and tightened up the format. But all the fun, information and Linux and hammy stuff remains! Looking forward to many more years of our show. Sit tight, strap in–we’re just getting started. Again.

73 de The LHS Guys

220px-Lee_De_Forest Resonant frequency Episode 54 is hot off the presses.   This time we talk a little bit about SWR and the self proclaimed Father of Radio Lee DeForest. Check out the show notes at        Share and

old-desoto-scott-norrisWell folks here is is the product of out labors. I hope you feel it was worth waiting for. I would to love to hear your input on this episode. Go forth and spread the good news that Resonant Frequency: The amateur radio podcast is back and we look forward to many more episodes with our listeners. The friends of Resonant Frequency.         Share and Enjoy Richard KB5JBV      

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BenSchramHello, everyone! In this, our last episode before our scheduled time off and retooling session, we interview Indiegogo donor Ben Schram from Perth, Western Australia. Ben is an avid listener, contributor to many crowd funding campaigns, Linux enthusiast and soon-to-be amateur radio operator. We discuss everything in this episode from high-speed rail systems to FCC Part 97 rules changes to the great AMC television series The Walking Dead. See you in September!

73 de The LHS Guys

It is time again for a new episode. This time we dispense with feedback. We have so much we will need to do a separate episode. We do continue our mobile install series this time . we talk about running you power cable. Music by the usual suspects and a cople from IODA promonet. My TurnKirk Fletcher “Ain’t No Way” (mp3) from “My Turn” (Eclecto Groove Records) Buy at Napster Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album Pearl RiverMike Zito “Pearl River” (mp3) from “Pearl River” (Eclecto Groove Records) Buy at Napster Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at Rhapsody Stream from Rhapsody Buy at Amazon MP3 More On This Album Share and